Just-In-Time Working

Just In Time Implementation Guide

Have a look through the following checklists to help you plan how to implement Just In Time in your business:


Quantify the costs of implementing new systems, including capital expenditure and maintenance.

  • Factor in "hidden" costs, e.g. training and technical support.
  • Establish quantifiable targets such as reduced lead times, reduced capital expenditure costs or reduced management overheads.

Have a look at the Supply Chain Council’s SCORSCOR - Supply Chain OpeRations (Supply Chain Operations) model to help you carry out this analysis.

Adopting other systems

You may have to adopt the systems and strategies used by your suppliers/customers, so find out:

  • who is going to pay for this;
  • whether you can share the implementation costs; and
  • whether you can get help and training from the supplier/customer’s technical team during the initial implementation phase.

Developing your own solution

  • Talk to your technology partners and explain what you want to achieve.
  • Look at the options for renting a supply chain solution over the internet – this can help lower the costs. Have a look at www.mySAP.com and www.MyOracle.com to see how this might work.
  • Investigate whether you can share the costs with your supply chain partners.

Overcoming obstacles

  • Make sure you can open up your internal systems to communication with your supply chain partners – many manufacturing systems are based on technologies designed 20 years ago.
  • Expect resistance to change – where possible involve staff in your decision-making and explain the benefits of the Just In Time techniques you are planning to implement.
  • Consult with security specialists to ensure you can transact securely with supply chain partners.
  • The businesses that are successful in the future will be those that are best adapted to the needs and working methods of their supply chain partners. Be prepared to transform your business, rather than force-fitting the solution to your organisation.
  • Try to look at the total cost of ownership. For instance, if you rent over the internet from an Application Services Provider (ASP) you won’t need technical support in-house.
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