Just-In-Time Working

Just In Time Considerations

Like any major change to the way your business operates, Just In Time isn’t simply a matter of changing processes or investing in solutions. JIT can have dramatic implications for relationships with staff and suppliers.


In theory, Just In Time improves employee participation and skills and gives a greater sense of responsibility and ownership of work. However, the businesses that have got most out of JIT working are those that manage change skilfully and have a management team that shows a strong ongoing commitment to the project. As well as strong leadership, these managers must also be able to empower workers to take more responsibility for their work. For more on change management and leadership, visit the Achieving best practice in your business web presence.


With reduced stock holdings, your business is at greater risk of supply chain disruption. Many businesses using Just In Time also find they need few suppliers. With this reduced margin for error and fewer suppliers, it’s essential that you choose the right suppliers.

Factors to consider include:

  • proximity to your plant
  • good industrial relations
  • reliability – an absolute commitment to quality and delivery
  • a collaborative, open approach.

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