IT Jargon Explained

IT Jargon Explained E

EDI EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the exchange of business documents like orders and invoices between computers run by trading partners. It’s fast, saves on paperwork, gives you greater control over the way you operate, and develops closer trading partnerships increasing customer satisfaction.

EDIFACT This is the international standard for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which allows information to be successfully transferred between trading partners.

E-mail An e-mail, and any computer file attached, can be sent over the phone lines in minutes – distance is no object. Its cheap, quick, convenient and flexible. You can send an e-mail to a colleague if your company’s computers are networked. Or to customers around the world via the Internet.

Encryption A method of scrambling sensitive messages or data so that it cannot be read without a password.

EPOSElectronic Point of Sale.

Expansion port A slot on a computer into which additional hardware, such as a printer, scanner, USB hub etccan be plugged.

Ethernet A popular standard for linking computers into a network. Thin Ethernet uses the same coaxial cable that is used to connect a TV to an aerial.

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