IT Jargon Explained

IT Jargon Explained D

DAT Digital Audio Tape (DAT) is a compact and high capacity form of data storage which is good for archiving or ‘backing up’ large amounts of data.

Database A database collects information into an electronic file, for example a list of customer addresses and associated orders. Each item is usually called a ‘record’ and the items can be sorted and accessed in many different ways.

Data compression A process that reduces the amount of data needed to store or send a video or audio signal.

Data Storage Any type of information – words, figures, still or moving images, sound and music – can be created into a single electronic form – digital. Once in digital format, they can be shared, copies, processed, indexed and transmitted from computer to computer, quickly and flexibly.

Digital The term describes the technology used by cellular phones. Here phone conversations and information are converted into digital format: a series of electronic numbers. The benefit of this is that the digital information can be transferred quickly.

Drive The device in a computer that reads data from a disk.

Desktop publishing Desktop publishing (DTP) software was originally developed to allow computer users to create professional-looking newsletters, magazines and brochures, complete with pictures, diagrams and colour. As word-processing software has added features and can now do most of these things, DTP software has become more of a tool for professional designers. Within a business, DTP is often a useful tool, as part of a document management system, in the automated publishing of price lists and catalogues. Small companies often use DTP for producing internal newsletters and reports.

Document management system Document management is the control of electronic documents such management system as images, spreadsheets and work processed documents. A document management system is itself created by combining several types of software to control document identification, storage, retrieval, tracking, version control, workflow management and presentation. Well-designed systems can create, use and control documents across different computers, software applications and company divisions.

DNS A DNS (Domain Name Server) is the part of an e-mail or Web site address which details the name of an organisation or company, what type of organisation it is, and often which country the organisation is from.

DTP DTP (Desk Top Publishing) packages allow you to turn simple text into an attractive layout suitable for publishing. Examples of DTP packages include Adobe’s InDesign.

DVD DVD (Digital Video Disk) is a high density format for playing full motion video. It provides a high amount of data storage. A single-sided, single-layer 120mm DVD stores about 4.5GB of data.

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