IT Jargon Explained

IT Jargon Explained C

Cabling – Used to link computers together so that they form a network and can communicate with each other.

CD-ROM – CD-ROM is one of the most popular formats for storing large amounts of electronic information. One CD-ROM can store 400 times as much information as a standard floppy disk, equivalent to 3000,000 pages of text or one hour of video and audio footage.

CD-R – A CD-Recorder (CD-R) is a format for recording your own CDs.

Client/server – A network that has a powerful main computer (the server or file server) and a string of computers linked to it (clients).

Configuration – The way in which a computer or piece of software is connected up to operate in a particular way.

Coverage – The land area where mobile phone services are available.

CRMCustomer Relationship Management software allows businesses to track & organise current & prospective customers. The advantage to SMES is in being able to better serve customers.

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