IT Jargon Explained

IT Jargon Explained B

Back up The essential job of saving and storing data on a tape or other storage device, such as a CD-ROM, outside of your computer hard disk or computer network.

Bandwidth The capacity of data that a line or channel can carry every second. Digital bandwidth is measured in bps.

Bit A BInary digiT – a zero or a one. 0 1

Blu-ray The Blu-ray format is an optical disc format designed to supercede that of the DVD. Although they are the same size as CDs and DVDs, Blu-ray discs can store 25GB per layer, meaning that double-layer Blu-ray discs can store 50GB of data.

BPS (Bits Per Second) The rate at which one bit can be carried, normally expressed in thousands, Kbps, or millions, Mbps.

Broadband A communication operating at a bandwidth greater than 2 Mbps.

Browser Software such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer to let you navigate round the Web. Many browsers are provided free of charge from Internet Service Providers, the companies which you pay to provide you with access to the Internet.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) The concept of employees using their own hardware at work – Bringing in your own laptop or smartphone to be able to do their work comfortably and efficiently.

Byte – 8 bits, allowing the values 0-255 for just one byte.

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