Intranet Guide

Implementation Checklist – Plan & Test

Evaluate options

  • Examine your needs – will a DIY intranet be enough or do you need an off-the-shelf package or the bespoke approach of an advanced solution?
  • Examine your current skills and infrastructure – can you create a pilot intranet in-house? If not, what upgrades will you need?
  • If you go for an off-the-shelf solution, do you want to lease or buy a package?
  • How much after-sales support will you need?

Plan the roll-out phase

  • Are you going to migrate content and processes to your intranet gradually or go for a ‘big bang’ approach?
  • Look at training implications – what will the cost be?
  • Decide which staff will require training and allow time for them to adjust to the new system.

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