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For further information on the subject contained in this guide, please contact your IFA.

If you do not already have an IFA, our ‘Find an IFA‘ website enables you to confidentially search for a list of IFAs in your local area. You can search for an IFA based on a whole host of criteria (including product, qualifications, gender and payment options) so you can be sure you’ll find an IFA that meets your precise requirements.

If you are looking for advice on personal finances visit our website at

If you are looking for financial advice for your business visit our website at

Other brochures available:

  • Independent Financial Advice for businesses guide
  • Financial log book
  • Inheritance tax guide
  • Mortgage guide
  • ISA guide
  • Tax efficiency guide
  • Pension guide
  • Investment guide
  • Surviving an economic downturn guide
  • Guide to IFA qualifications
  • Housing market uncertainty guide
  • Equity release guide
  • Bereavement guide
  • Get saving guide
  • Protection guide

Factsheets available:

  • Planning for your family
  • Funding for university
  • Confused about endowments?
  • A parent’s guide to education fees planning
  • Remortgaging your home
  • Ethical investment – making money with a clear conscience
  • The basics of offshore and expatriate finances
  • An introduction to insurance

To request one of the above brochures or factsheets, please visit us at

The above brochures are available in the following alternative formats: large print, Braille and audio tape.

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