A Guide on How to Measure Your Video Production and Marketing

Paying close attention will really enhance the quality of your videos and the success of your marketing campaign

A Guide on How to Measure Your Video Production and Marketing

Video Stats You Need to Know

A decent video marketing strategy will include details about how you aim to monitor and evaluate the success of your videos. There are some very clever facilities out there that can gather and analyse a range of different statistics in relation to the performance of your website and your videos. Some of them are free too – so there is no excuse not to be thorough.

Here we have listed the statistics that we feel are essential to be aware of when monitoring the impact of your video marketing strategy. They are divided into 3 categories and we have suggested some tools that you can use to monitor these particular types of stats.

1. Website Performance Statistics



Your conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your website who interact with the website in the desired way. This interaction could be to watch a video, complete and enquiry form or make a purchase. You should be hearing some warning bells if you have no idea what you want visitors to do once they are on your website!

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of your visitors who land on your homepage only to leave your site almost immediately without taking any other action e.g. clicking through to another page. You goal is obviously to keep the bounce rate down and encourage better engagement with your website so that people are inclined to look around. There could be a range of reasons for a high bounce rate. The usability of your website is really important; if people can’t work out what to do within seconds, they will go elsewhere to find a website that is easier to use.

Average Time on Site

Time on site is what it says on the tin. Connected to your bounce rate, your goal should be for people to be on your site for long enough to carry out a desired action (or conversion). You can measure the average time that people stay on your site and you can compare these stats day by day, week by week, month by month.

Useful Tool: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that can tell you all of the above and much more. It can also tell you how many pageviews, visits and unique visitors you have had to your site. It can break these details up into geographical location. It can even tell you what mobile devices visitors are viewing your website from. Analytics is easy to us – it does all of the hard work for you. Using analytics, you will be able to measure the impact of introducing video to your website as well as all of these other interesting metrics. The image below shows how Analytics can create graphs for you comparing metrics such as bounce rate and unique visitors.

2. Engagement Statistics


Number of Pages Viewed Per Visit

This can be a useful metric when assessing what visitors interests are on your site. However, a correlation has been made between the rise in mobile internet use and number of pages viewed per visit to to a website; as you can imagine, there has been a decrease in the number of pages viewed in relation to the increase of mobile internet usage. This is probably because people have very specific reason for visiting a website when they are on the go. Google Analytics provides this information.

Length of Time a Video is Viewed

You can measure how long people are watching your videos for. This is useful in terms of establishing if you videos are the correct length and if there are particular content elements that are attracting/deterring attention from viewers.

Number of Times a Video is Shared

Sharing is the key to videos going viral or at least reaching some more audience than you could have managed through direct connections or through appearing in search engine results. Sharing statistics will give you some clue as to what content your visitors are really enjoying. You can use this knowledge to influence the direction of your future video content. You can also look at ‘retweets’ of your video links on Twitter as an indication of engagement.

Number of Comments on a Video

As with the number of times your videos are shared, the number of comments your videos receive can also tell you something about how your audience are receiving your video content. Obviously, there is more qualitative data to be gathered here in terms of what exactly people are saying about your videos.

Number of ‘likes’/‘dislikes’ on a Video

This is something that can be captured on YouTube if that is where you are hosting your videos. Facebook also has the ‘like’ facility which means you can keep an eye on popularity through this social networking site too.

Useful Tool: YouTube’s Insight

Insight is a tool that can be used to analyse videos that you are storing on YouTube. Insight can provide you with statistics on viewers rating your videos, adding your video as a favourite, or leaving comments. It can also tell you what audience attention is like throughout your videos – it will tell you what the hot and cold spots are within your video timeline by looking at the bounce rate.

3. Technical Statistics


Page Load Speed

There are some technical statistics that you should be aware of when you start using video – especially if you are hosting video on your own website. Video can affect the page load speed of your website. If a page takes too long to load, visitors get bored, and impatient – and rightly so as this shouldn’t be the case in the age of broadband Internet.

Useful Tool: Pingdom

Pingdom can give you a range of useful information about the technical performance of your website including your page load speed. It can monitor your website and will inform you (by text or Twitter if you choose!) if something goes wrong.


These statistics are useful for you to be aware of and to establish some goals. When you become comfortable with them you will see the potential for making comparisons and how improvement in one area can have positive consequences in other areas. Paying attention to statistics really will enhance the quality of your video marketing strategy and ultimately the success of your video marketing campaign.

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