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Do you know where harmful radiation occurs?

Various kinds of radiation, both ionising and non-ionising, may affect us.

Non-ionising radiation:

  • UV radiation (eg from the sun) can damage the skin and lead to skin cancer;
  • lasers can cause burns and damage the eye.

Ionising radiation:

  • naturally occurring radon gas from the ground;
  • radiography or thickness measuring gauges;
  • medical equipment, eg X-ray sets

Excess doses of ionising radiation can cause burns, sickness and can have other adverse health effects.

Does this concern me?

Do people in your business spend a lot of time working outdoors?

Do you have equipment which gives off ultra-violet radiation e.g. for curing plastics or inks?

Do you work with lasers?

Is your business in an area where levels of radon are higher than average?

Are any radioactive sources used in your business, brought in by a specialist contractor, or do you transport them?

Is X-ray equipment used?

What law applies?

Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

How and where you can get more help

‘Controlling the radiation safety of display laser installations’ INDG224 FREE

‘Keep your top on: Health risks from working in the sun’ INDG147 (rev1) FREE (available in packs of 20 ISBN 0 7176 1578 2 £5.00)

‘Sun protection: Advice for employers of outdoor workers’ INDG337 FREE (available in packs of 20 ISBN 0 7176 1982 6 £5.00)

‘The regulatory requirements for medical exposure to ionising radiation: an employers overview’ HSG223 ISBN 0 7176 2134 0 £6.50

‘Radon in the workplace’ INDG210 FREE

‘Working safely with ionising radiation: guidance for expectant and breastfeeding mothers’ INDG334 FREE

‘Work with ionising radiation: Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999′ Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L121 ISBN 0 7176 1746 7 £20.00

‘Fitness of equipment used for medical exposure to ionising radiation’ Guidance note PM77 ISBN 0 7176 1482 4 £6.00

You can order any of these titles through HSE Books.

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