Efficient Driving – Green Fleet Management

It makes good environmental and commercial sense to ensure that your fleet is running as efficiently as possible. And if you take the appropriate measures, there are often significant savings to be made.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for the Right Job

The most important thing you can do as a fleet manager is make sure you always have the right vehicles for the right jobs. On a simple level, this means deciding whether a sales representative should drive a saloon or an estate car. However, because not all vehicles and fuels are created equal, it’s not really a question of saloon versus estate; rather it’s which specific saloon or estate should you be buying.

It is therefore of paramount importance that you thoroughly evaluate all new vehicles that may potentially gain a place in your fleet – as well as re-evaluate your existing vehicles – to ensure you always select the most efficient mix of size, shape, layout and fuel type.

Vehicle manufacturers should be able to provide you with all the relevant information with regard to their vehicle ranges’ efficiency and environmental credentials, including elements such as the recyclable content of their products.

Getting the most from your fleet

You can start saving by introducing simple measures such as encouraging your drivers to plan their most economical route in advance. For further advice look at the Top 10 tips for Greener fleet management.

Also, if you have a high volume of road transport you might want to consider the following technology to assist you with more efficient travel planning:

A Guide to TelematicsTelematics

Find out more about telematics systems such as vehicle tracking, on-board navigation, and real-time vehicle, driver and consignment data which can help you manage your assets more efficiently by reading the Energy Savings Trust’s PDF A Guide to Telematics (1.37Mb).

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