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There is a need for practical business advice to help SME/Small Businesses to increase sales, reduce cost, save time, improve profit and grow.

With this in mind we are expanding the business advice offered by by working with like-minded Expert Contributors. The aim is to connect Expert Contributors with SME/Small Businesses to help them to succeed and grow and contribute to Britain’s recovery.


Launched in 2001, the website and e-newsletter is a trusted and respected online publisher of business advice/information to UK SME/Small Businesses. The advice and services cover all aspects of business including Business Strategy, Business Law, Employment, Finance & Money, General Business, Green Business, IT & Telecoms, Sales & Marketing, Starting Up and Small Business News.

SME/Small Businesses are crucial

There are 4.5 million SME/Small Businesses in the UK which employ 13.8 million people and account for £1.5 billion of turnover and it is widely acknowledged that "the success of the SME/Small Business sector is crucial to drive Britain’s recovery"

The opportunity

It’s very simple:

  • Experts contribute useful and relevant articles on agreed subjects
  • Articles are published on the website
  • Expert’s author acknowledgement and website link included
  • Articles promoted by and Expert Contributor


  • Expert positioned as a trusted advisor in the SME/Small Business community
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimisation with back links from (Authority site)
  • Experts Bio page in
  • Satisfaction of helping UK SME/Small Businesses succeed and grow

Examples of Expert Contributor Articles

Promoting your articles

is4profit and Expert Contributor to promote articles via website, twitter, eNewsletter etc to maximize reach and exposure.

Publishing a snippet from your article(s) on your site with a link to the article on the is4profit site is a very effective method of promoting the article


Easynet Connect

Easynet Connect News 2011

Other examples of linking to

Article submission guidelines

Articles to be original and exclusive to

Articles to have relevance to UK SME/Small Businesses and where possible have reference to how to increase sales, reduce cost, save time and improve profit.

Articles to be one page with approximately 500 words per page. Within reason there is no upper limit for the number of words or pages.

Articles should be written for inclusion in the following channels:

  • Business law
  • Business Strategy
  • Employment
  • Finance & Money
  • General Business
  • Green Business
  • IT & Telecoms
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Starting Up

Article titles

The article subject titles to be agreed with in advance with the title reflected in the body copy

Page formatting

For ease of screen reading sub-headings, paragraphs and bullet points to be considered.

The articles to have a footer editorial acknowledgement including author’s name and website link

How to get involved

We are increasingly being contacted by Expert Contributors so why not join and help Get Britain Growing by helping SME/Small Businesses succeed

If you wish to be considered for inclusion as a business expert and contribute to the is4profit small business website then please complete our registration form

Alternatively please do contact us on 01252 376650 or email

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