Flexible Working Provides “Competitive Edge” for Growing Businesses

40% of businesses have entire teams that work full- or part-time remotely

New research has revealed that 67% of the UK’s fastest growing businesses state that having flexible working gives their business a competitive edge – helping to reduce costs and secure the best talent.

The report, released by management platform 4th Office in conjunction with creative agency Rooster Punk, found that 40% of businesses have entire teams that work full- or part-time remotely. 87% of the business leaders surveyed felt that teams no longer have to be in the same place as new technology enables communication regardless of location.

Though email still remains the main mode of communication with firms – with 97% stating that it’s the most used tool – the report demonstrated a rise in other digital communication tools with 62% choosing video conferencing, 58% using an online office suite, 55% an instant messaging platform and 35% using social networking sites.

Although the majority of firms that have implemented flexible working have had a positive experience, 39% of business owners still worry that employees will be unproductive if left unmonitored.

Phil Ledger, managing director of Ledger Bennett DGA, provided comment for the report:

“I think flexible working is great for diversification. The ideal set-up would be a strong core culture that’s stretched across a diverse set of people in diverse environments helping to shape and modernise the business.

“For me, our future will be all about enriching diversity – keeping our core without going stale.”

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