Exhibition Stands – To Hire or Not to Hire?

Your company has an important exhibition in the near future and is in need of exhibition stands. You have been given the responsibility of finding an appropriate exhibition stand or stands but purchasing a custom made stand just doesn’t work within your budget. Initially you may find the task daunting due to the seemingly eternal options. Then you consider trying to find a company that will offer exhibition stand hire. Now the requirement of finding a reliable business that can fulfill the needs of your company seems to add to your burden. Calm your breathing, fight off the urge to panic, and begin by surfing the ‘net in look for the right company from which to hire your exhibition stand.

The internet will serve as an asset to you in your search of an exhibition stand to hire. You should be able to find several companies that will provide you with the required stands. You will also have the ability to shop around and get comparative estimates on the products and services offered by the various companies you find. Some of the services might include, erecting the stand, graphic design elements customization, and accessorizing at no or low cost.

Materials used in manufacture are another point of consideration when choosing an exhibition stand hire for your company. Some companies will use plastic or some other material as the inner core of the stand, but then cover it all with a thin veneer of wood. Some companies utilize metals, like aluminum, for the framework of their hire stands. Aluminum is a great choice as it offers both strength and ease of transport due to its light weight. This is especially helpful in the case of large exhibition stands.

The size of the exhibition stand you choose plays an integral part. You should take into consideration the number of employees and products that will be displayed as well as allowing for enough space for prospective clients, when choosing the size of your exhibition stand. Once you have decided upon the size and materials used, you will have begun to zero in on the type of exhibition stand hire you require. The next decision will be based on the length of time you will need to hire the exhibition stands.

Different companies will have different lengths of time for which they will allow their exhibition stands to be hired. This should be one of your initial considerations along with how quickly the company can fulfill your requirements. Searching for exhibition stand hire isn’t as bad as you might think. When you calm yourself and then begin by making a list and checking off that list point by point finding the right exhibition stands and a company that offers exhibition stand hire really isn’t as daunting as you first thought. As long as you stay organized and logical you will be able to find the right company to do business with. Who knows, you might even find that it serves your company better to hire an exhibition stand than to purchase one.

Sarah Elmore is a Marketing Manager at one of the world’s leading exhibition stands solution providers.

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