Equal Opportunities FAQs

When recruiting an employee or during their employment are there rules about disability discrimination?

Yes there are. You must not discriminate against disabled people (for example, in recruitment or promotion procedures) and may have to make reasonable adjustments for disabled staff (for example, to their employment conditions or workplace). Exemptions apply if you have fewer than 15 employees.

For further information see the SBS Employment Rights Factsheet Disability Discrimination in Employment (URN 00/960). The Commission for Racial Equality guide Equal Opportunities is Your Business Too also has information about disability discrimination, and is written specifically for small businesses.

Advice and the following booklets are available from the Disability Rights Commission (DRC)

  • Disability Discrimination: What Employers need to know (DL170)
  • Employing Disabled People: A Good Practice Guide for Managers and Employers (DLE7)
  • An Introduction for SME’s: Right of access to goods, facilities, services and premises (DLE9)

Your local Jobcentre will give practical advice and help in employing disabled people but not legal advice. The following leaflets are available:

  • Sources of Information and Advice (DS13)
  • Access to Work (DS4E)
  • Job Introduction Scheme (DS5E)
  • Becoming a Disability Symbol User (DS7E)

Some general literature is available on the Government’s Disability website.

For information and advice on equal opportunities legislation and best practice see the Equality Direct web site

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