Employees working from home

How technology can facilitate working from home

You’ll need to keep in touch with employees who work at home. At the very least, you should consider installing a dedicated work phone line at the employee’s home or buying a dedicated mobile phone. This makes it easier to work out billing arrangements and – as you won’t need to see the employee’s phone bill – preserves their privacy.

Enabling conference calling on a fixed line can allow the employee to take part in meetings without leaving home. If visual feedback is required, you could consider installing video conferencing facilities.

If the work requires use of a fax, it could also be useful to install a dedicated fax line.

Use the Internet

Always-on broadband Internet connections have made emailing colleagues and business contacts and sharing documents quick and easy.

With a broadband connection you could provide homeworkers with access to your company network – meaning they could use the latest information on your database, for example. A more advanced solution is to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is far more secure as it uses encryption technology – but it’s also more expensive.


There are important security issues. For example, data security could be compromised if employees working from home use their work computer for personal purposes. It’s best to provide staff with a computer and make it clear that it’s for business use only.

Install anti-virus and firewall software on users’ PCs and use passwords to control access to their computers and to your network. Make sure homeworkers have read and understood your IT policies and know their information-security responsibilities.

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