Employees working from home

Employment contracts and working from or at home

An employee’s place of work is stated in the written statement of their terms and conditions of employment, their employment contract. So when an employee starts working from or at home, it may be necessary to amend the written statement or employment contract as a result.

You must follow set procedures when changing an employment contract.

There are a range of other contractual aspects you may want to introduce or amend if you’re considering implementing homeworking in your business. For example:

  • stated hours of work may need to be redefined

  • you may wish to specify core times when your employee undertakes to work or be contactable

  • extra duties or responsibilities in addition to those already agreed

  • the business will supply and insure any equipment necessary, but this should not be used for personal purposes

  • have procedures in place, if the employee wishes to end the homeworking arrangement

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