Email and Web Security: Everything you need to know

‘It can’t happen to me.’ Really?

Many businesses, especially those with little or no IT support, tend to put a low priority on protecting themselves. Ironically, this makes them more attractive targets.

Consider the accounting firm that was infected by a virus because their anti virus software wasn’t up to date. It took them days to clean up their computers, and their reputation suffered because their computers turned into ‘zombies’ which send out spam emails to all and sundry. The repairs cost thousands, but the damage to reputation is incalculable.

Imagine a manufacturing business where certain employees downloaded pornography in the office. It sounds like a cringe worthy episode of The Office. But if an employee took the company to an Employment Tribunal for permitting a degrading and offensive environment it could turn into a serious waste of management time, with a substantial fine to make it worse. It can happen. In one recent case, a tribunal found an employer guilty of sex discrimination because employees were looking at pornography in the room where the complainant worked.

Internet crime affects nearly two-thirds of British firms, according to a DTI survey. The average serious incident can set you back between £8,000 and £17,000. The good news is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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