Disciplinary, Dismissal & Grievance Procedures

Guidance for employers

Communicating your disciplinary and grievance procedures

From 1st October 2004, all employers will be required to issue a written document that sets out their disciplinary rules and the new minimum procedures. This will only affect you if you haven’t already made this information available to your staff or if your procedures change as a result of the new procedures.

This information can either be communicated in the employee’s contract, his or her written particulars of employment or the letter sent when offering the employee a job. Alternatively, you could set out the details in a statement of change.

Guidance on producing this statement is available in our section regarding the employment contract or from Acas at http://www.ACAS.org.uk/publications/g01.html

If you do not issue this statement to your staff, and one of them takes an employment tribunal case against you and wins, you will be liable for an additional fine of up to 4 weeks’ wages.

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