Data Loss: Protect your Business against Data Loss


If using a manual backup solution, the following principles should to be followed:

  1. You must remember to carry out your backup. This may sound obvious but the majority of computer users do not backup as often as they should.
  2. If using CDs pay attention if all your information is not fitting on a single disk.
  3. Once your backup has completed, check the disk or tape to confirm it has backed up correctly. Many people don’t find out until it’s too late that the backup did not record.
  4. Once checked, remove the tape or disk from the office and store in a separate and safe location. If you work from home, do not leave the backup copy next to the computer. It must be stored at a different address to protect against fire, flood or theft.
  5. If the person responsible for carrying out your backups is on holiday or off sick, make sure you have a second person that is responsible for doing this.

If using an online solution:

  • Check the company’s security or privacy policy.
  • Carry out some test restores every so often to double check that everything is backing up OK.
  • You may wish to upgrade to a faster broadband connection.
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