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Online Backup Services

Online backup services use your Internet connection to backup your computer files automatically for you, and your files are stored in secure off-site facilities safely away from your main computer.

The way these solutions work is that you download a small piece of software onto your machine; select the files you want to back up and schedule what time and how often you’d like the backups carried out. At the scheduled time your files are automatically backed up for you.

When you need to restore information, this can be done instantly by opening your software and selecting the information you need to recover.

Some of the benefits to using an online service include:

  1. It’s automatic and will remember to do the backups for you.
  2. All information is automatically encrypted and stored away from your place of work for added security.
  3. Unlimited amounts of information can be stored, so you don’t need to worry about disks or tapes becoming full.
  4. Multiple copies of your files can be stored.

Online services offer a convenient and cost effective way to backup, however the first backup can be slow and take some time to complete (depending how much information you are backing up and the speed of your Internet connection) and you should be aware that if your connection goes down you will not be able to backup or restore during this time.

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