Data Loss: Protect your Business against Data Loss

Manual Processes

CDs, DVDs, zip and tapes are known as manual processes as they involve someone manually putting in a tape or disk, carrying out the backup and then removing the media and storing it somewhere safe.

The majority of PCs come with a built in CD or DVD drive, so for many this type of backup is convenient. You just need to purchase the disks and you can backup your files when and as often as you like.

Although convenient, there are some restrictions worth noting. A CD is limited to around 700mb of storage so if you need to back up more than this amount of information you would either need to use more than one CD, or use a DVD instead (which offers over 5gb of storage capacity).

For even larger amounts of storage you will need to purchase a Tape Drive (sometimes known as a “Streamer”). Tapes come in a variety of sizes and can back up huge quantities of data (in excess of 100 gigabytes) however not all tapes work with all streamers so you should take advice before buying.

Many companies rely on tapes and disks, however there have been instances where companies have tried to restore information and the tape or disk has been corrupted and blank. It is therefore very important if you do use disks or tapes that when the backup has completed you check it to make sure your information was copied correctly onto it.

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