How do I find out more about my customers?

You may want to find out more about your customers in order to:

  • Develop closer relationships with them as part of a customer care programme and to avoid losing them to a competitor
  • Make improvements to your products and services as part of your commitment to providing high customer satisfaction
  • Anticipate their future requirements so that you can start planning and developing the next generation of products
  • Understand better why and when they buy so that you can increase sales with them or with new customers

The straightforward approach is to ask them! You may be pleasantly surprised how much your customers are prepared to tell you about themselves. But you need to do your homework first by defining what you want to know. Is it:

  • What they want/need?
  • How much they are prepared to buy in future?
  • Who is involved in the buying process?
  • When and why they buy (or do not buy)?
  • How satisfied they are with your service?

When you have defined what you want to know about your customers, you need to decide the best way of getting the information. For example, are you going to speak to them face-to-face or are you going to ask them to complete a short questionnaire? The method you choose will depend on the type of response you are seeking, the reasons you want the information and the number of customers you need information from.

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