Where can I obtain lists of prospective customers?

You can build up your own lists of prospective customers through business networking and research. Alternatively you can purchase this type of information from various sources – your local Business Link can advise you on companies that exist purely to sell this highly targeted data.

‘Profiling’ your customers will enable you to locate the ‘ideal’ customers for your product or service. It is then possible to access very specific information. For example you could target people of a certain age, with specific types of work and salary range, who live in a designated postcode area and who read a particular newspaper.

Whilst purchased lists are becoming more accurate, buying such a list can be expensive and there may be limitations on the number of times you can use such information. So measure your success using the final ‘cost per response’ rather than the initial ‘cost per contact’.

Developing your own list will be more time-consuming than buying in a ready-made one, but you then have more control over how it is used and it will fit within the longer-term marketing strategy for your business.

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