Where can I find out more about my customers?

The type of information you are seeking may already be available from a number of sources, many of which will be available at your local business library or through the information service at your local Business Link. These include

  • Yellow Pages/Thompsons
  • Dun and Bradstreet diectories and databases
  • Trade Associations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Company reports/credit ratings
  • Market surveys (published or commissioned e.g. Key Note reports)
  • Census information
  • Business directories/yearbooks
  • Historical data held within your own business

If you have business customers, why not start by looking at their websites which may contain a range of valuable information. If you deal with the same customers regularly, they may be happy for you to ask them directly for their views. You can conduct your own primary research using a simple questionnaire to get more information on the other types of products and services they need. Customers are generally happy to answer questions if they feel it could lead to an improved product or service.

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