Contact Management Software


What is Goldmine?

  • Another widely-used contact management solution
  • Strong at supporting remote sales teams

Who is it designed for?

  • The more expensive version of Goldmine can grow to accommodate even the largest of businesses
  • Companies with medium intensity data management requirements – databases with up to 15,000 active customer records
  • Particularly good for companies where remote sales teams are supported

Pros and cons

  • Relatively simple to use
  • Training and IT support may be required
  • Supports the XML protocol, the common language of many business programs, so it is easy to import and export data from many other popular programs
  • Allows export of customer data, eg to a mailing house
  • Allows addition of prospects from external sources


  • Works well with other systems
  • Has its own e-mail client built in, which has many of the features of better-known e-mail programs
  • Business Contact Manager, the basic version:
    • Suitable for up to c. 15,000 records where each record is an active customer file, containing contact details, an order history and other applicable information
    • Customer records can have flags added to them to remind the sales person to call at a particular time
    • templates can be customised for particular business applications including property management, financial and legal services
  • Goldmine Sales and Marketing, the advanced version:
    • Can handle 100s of 1,000s of records
    • Greater report functionality and flexibility
    • Tools to keep data clean and up-to-date:
      • Merge/Purge wizard for identifying and eliminating duplicate records
      • Global Replace wizard for making wholesale changes to the data
    • Simplified synchronisation for remote users
    • Greater integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook


  • Single-user version of Business Contact Manager – c. £165
  • Five-user version of Business Contact Manager – c. £695
  • 5-user version – c. £550
  • Goldmine Sales and Marketing – c. £395 per user
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