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What is Maximizer?

  • A popular and inexpensive CMS solution
  • Works well with PCs, Microsoft Windows, and popular e-mail clients such as Outlook etc

Who is it designed for?

  • Businesses with medium intensity data management requirements, eg:
    • those with customer databases with up to 15,000 records
    • those that wish to incorporate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into their solution
  • If you depend on face-toface sales people, you would benefit from paying the extra for Maximizer Enterprise

Pros and cons

  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Good all-round solution with plenty of users in many different businesses
  • Works well with computer telephony integration – can ‘pop’ incoming caller details onto the screen.


There are two versions:

  • Maximizer – good basic Contact Management Package for peer-to-peer interaction, and general office use.
  • Maximizer Enterprise also offers:
    • Support for on-the-road staff through the synchronisation feature that allows users to update the main company database with information from mobile phones, handheld devices, and laptops, and download information from it
    • Customer service module allowing sales representatives instant access to multilayered customer information


  • Maximizer – c. £200 per user
  • Maximizer Enterprise – c. £300 per user
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