Contact Management Software


Shadow introduction

  • Set up a shadow period, where the new system operates in tandem with old systems.
  • This gives people a chance to try out the new way of doing things, without having to abandon their old contact tools overnight.
  • Don’t let a shadow period drag on for too long. Set a date for going live with the new system, and stick to it.


  • Encourage staff involvement and feedback, this will help smooth implementation, as staff buy-in can make or break a technology project.
  • Plan how you are going to maintain your contact management system – it will only remain useful if you keep it up-to-date.


  • Monitor and review the impact on your business and against your objectives.
  • Get feedback from staff, customers and suppliers on the changes.
  • Evaluate the impact after 6 months and 1 year. Have you achieved your objectives? Establish how you could improve things further.
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