Contact Management Software

Benfits of Contact Management Software

Good contact management software takes individual “information islands” and merges them into one highly accessible whole, so it’s easy to find and share the information
you need without having to look in several different places.

Specific benefits of Contact Management Software can include:

  • Accessibility – add contact details once, and they are captured forever and accessible from different locations within the software both by you and colleagues who share the system.
  • Flexible data storage – along with fields for names, addresses, and telephone numbers you can keep notes of conversations, related letters, memos, and e-mail traffic, all cross-referenced for your convenience.
  • Information at your fingertips – you can search for data using key words and other criteria.
  • Diary management – knowing where your colleagues are, and them knowing where you are means easier scheduling and fewer missed meetings.
  • Generating reports – these can include staff activity logs and phone records to show who made and received which calls.
  • Portability – many leading programs will swap and update data seamlessly between your mobile phone, your palm pilot or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), your laptop, and your office system – so you can always access relevant data, wherever you are.
  • Enhanced customer service – with features like caller identification allowing you to bring up customer data as you answer the incoming call. CM software is a key element of Customer Relationship Management, enabling you to build up detailed customer profiles in order to better target your customers. Take a look at the CRM guide for more information.
  • Improved accuracy – maintaining all records at one central location ensures that information is accurate and up-to-date.
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