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Web-Based Contact Management Software Solutions

Although certain companies offer web-based contact management solutions, the products offered by these ASPs (Application Service Providers) are not universal, nor well established. However it is worth keeping an eye on developments in this area because, as the industry matures, more well-developed solutions will emerge.

Contact management software is often allied with Customer Relationship Management programs and these too are starting to emerge on the web. Where contact management concerns itself primarily with people, places, and dates, Customer Relationship Management looks at behaviours, buying habits, and customer needs. Again, it is maybe worth waiting for the technology to bed down before starting to consider adopting web-based solutions for your organisation.

It is also worth noting that both ACT! (through its WebAccess) and MS Outlook (through its Exchange Server) are starting to offer true web-based functionality for their products. That means users can access their data remotely over the internet, and make changes to it in the same way as if they were sitting in their own office. FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access allow remote use too – with the advantage that data changes ripple through the entire database.

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