Contact Management Software

MicroSoft Access

What is MicroSoft Access?

  • Relational database
  • Harder to learn but ultimately more powerful scripting language than Filemaker Pro

Who is it designed for?

  • Organisations of all sizes
  • Useful for complex data management and output requirements

Pros and cons

  • Interacts very easily with Outlook
  • Simple to use once set up
  • Creation of a contact management system will require programming
  • Changes to individual data items instantly reflected across whole database
  • Expands with your business
  • Offers benefits besides contact management functionality


  • Supports web-based interactivity – you can access and update all your key business data remotely
  • Programmable – you can automate functions, eg reminder letters
  • Allows users to create and save complex routines, searches, and reports
  • Supports XML, making it easy to import and export data from many other programs
  • Allows export of customer data, eg to a mailing house
  • Allows addition of prospects from external sources


  • c. £280
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