Is4profit’s tech section covers a variety of features on how small and medium enterprises can utilise technology hardware, digital software, business broadband and hosting and mobile apps to help them grow and succeed.

Technology Case Studies

To view examples of companies getting the best out of the technology they have, and on using it in new ways, follow the links: »

Technophobes Guide

Introduction WHY BOTHER WITH THE INTERNET? Many small and medium sized companies have yet to explore the  potential of the Internet. Many SMEs do not have a web site and a surprising proportion of these are not yet using email in their day to day business. ‘I can’t see how the Internet relates to my business’ ‘What benefits would the Internet bring my company’ ‘I don’t have the time’ ‘I’m hopeless with computers’ ‘All that jargon and hype – surfing, nets, www, dot coms, URLs, search engines – what does it all mean?’ ‘Running a web site is too expensive’ ‘Why would I need the Internet when the traditional methods still work well for me?’ Skepticism, lack of knowledge, resou... »

Making Technology Work

A user friendly introduction to how information and communication technology can make you more commercial, save you time, increase productivity and ultimately improve your businesses bottom line. »

Computer Virus Guide

This short guide is designed to provide small business management teams with information on the subject of computer viruses; from identifying risk, through prevention & recovery to a list of vendors that provide software to protect against computer viruses… This information based on Crown Copyright 2003 »

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Many small businesses are faced with spiralling phone bills. One way of reducing your bills is to use your IT network for phone calls between your branches, and to use the internet for external calls. This is known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP can also dramatically improve the way you work. If you switch your phone calls to your IT network, you can merge voice and data, boosting staff productivity and enhancing customer service. As the price of high speed internet connections comes down, it’s well worth taking a fresh look at your long term plans for your phone and IT network. This business advice article is for small businesses who want to cut the cost of their phone bill. It’s also for those who want to integrate their phone system with their business applicat... »

Wireless Communications

The aim of wireless technology is simple: to remove the restrictions of being attached to expensive and messy wires and cables, both inside the office and out. Wireless technology carries the capability of wired networks to spaces that cables cannot. This guide is for any business that wants to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their computer network. The guide covers best practice guidance on various wireless technologies and their implementation. Wireless Communications business advice article: Crown Copyright © 2004-2013 »

Customer Databases

Introduction Organisations are increasingly using databases to manage customer relationships to increase both sales and customer satisfaction. A database can help you identify key trends and important information such as your most and least profitable customers. This is often called Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and it plays an important role in many small business’ sales and marketing strategies. This guide will help you to understand both how to use a database for marketing and the concept of CRM. In particular, you will learn what kind of information your business should collect in a CRM database and how to integrate it with other company systems. The guide also outlines the practical steps in getting a database started, such as what sort of system to acquire, how to fin... »

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Introduction Customers are key to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Successful businesses build their reputation based on long term relationships with satisfied customers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business philosophy, not just a technology – understanding your customers’ needs enables you to build better relationships and increase sales. Practicing CRM helps you stay close to existing customers and win new ones Although a sound customer relations strategy has to come first, it can be effectively supported by technology, such as CRM software. This business advice article based on Crown Copyright © 2004-2014 »

Contact Management Software

Examples of products and companies included in the following pages do not in any way imply endorsement or recommendation. Bear in mind that prices quoted are indicative at the time of publication. What is Contact Management Software? The better your business manages its information, the better it performs. Individuals and companies who employ modern contact management software sometimes wonder how they ever managed without it. Modern businesses run on information – names, dates, places, times and how these relate to staff, customers, meetings, deliveries, sales, and so on. Contact management software puts all this information together in the most practical and accessible way. Crown Copyright applies © 2005-2013 »

ADSL Broadband Guide

Broadband Guide for Small Business A quick guide for directors and management teams in Small and Medium sized Enterprises considering whether to move to ADSL Broadband connection. Introduction to Broadband Once you’ve got broadband, it’s hard to imagine how you ever did without it. Broadband means that the World Wide Wait is over. Much of the frustration surrounding business use of the Web disappears. You can, for example, send or receive emails with the big attachments in seconds, not minutes. Broadband means that you and all your staff can use Web, email and phone at the same time, all the time, from a single telephone line – and all for a flat fee. Like electricity or tap water, Broadband is ‘always on’. You need never dial the internet again. Access to the... »

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