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From expert sales tips to deciding upon a social media strategy for your business; is4profit’s sales and marketing articles cover a range of ways in which small businesses can attract and maintain customers and increase turnover.

PR – Extending Your Coverage

There’s little doubt that PR can be a valuable business tool. Indeed, in the US – the bellwether of marketing trends – there’s a good deal of evidence that firms of all sizes are re-weighting their marketing spend away from mainstream advertising and into PR. It can certainly be more cost-effective, allowing for greater frequency of coverage of corporate messages and benefiting from the implied third party endorsement of editorial mention. Here David Evans, is4profit’s PR adviser, outlines some helpful techniques when dealing with the press… There’s a great deal of mystique about PR, but like most activities for business success the key ingredients are thorough planning and preparation, a little research and lots of application and perseverance. Th... »

Product Development

New products and services are a great way to expand your market opportunities. And remember, if you invest in research and development, you are likely to be eligible for the R & D Tax Credit for Small Firms. This article based on Crown Copyright © 2002 »

Product Pricing

Introduction to Product Pricing The price you charge for your product or service is one of the most important business decisions you make. Setting a price that is too high or too low will – at best – limit your business’ growth. At worst, it could cause serious problems for your sales and cashflow. If you’re starting a business, carefully consider your pricing strategy before you start. Established businesses can improve their profitability through regular pricing reviews. There are two crucial points to consider when setting your prices: The price and sales levels you need to set to make sure your business is profitable. Where your product or service stands compared with your competition. Continue reading this business advice article and learn: The difference betwe... »

Sell the Benefits not the Features

Introduction Businesses and consumers don’t buy on price alone. Your customers want to know what your product or service can do for them, not just how it works. They want value for money and that could include paying more for the benefits or advantages they gain from buying your product or service. This business advice article will show you: How to analyse your product’s benefits The first step in making sure your product "hits the mark" is knowing what the actual benefits of it are. In order to this you will have to take a step back and critically and objectively look at your customers… Matching benefits to customers’ needs Once you’ve got an understanding of the benefits of your product or service you will then have to match that benefit with your ... »


Need some help in selling your products and services to the public sector? Our FAQs have links to the appropriate resources. This article based on Copyright © 2002 »

Selling to the Public Sector

Before you consider selling to the public sector you should research what markets are open to you and decide if you can meet the needs of those target markets. You need to be able to: Compete with other firms Complete contracts on time and to the required standards Have a sound financial and commercial reputation Be able to familiarise yourself with Government purchasing procedures Offer value for money Public sector organisations The public sector covers a wide variety of organisations including: Central civil government departments and agencies NHS and local trusts Ministry of Defence Northern Ireland Assembly National Assembly for Wales Scottish Executive Local authorities Universities and colleges Products and services that public sector organisations may be interested in buying includ... »

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Making and using a marketing strategy has a strong positive impact on profitability. This is because small businesses that employ a marketing strategy tend to focus on their customers and markets, integrate their marketing responses and work out in advance where their profits will come from. This briefing answers a range of questions people in small business often ask about marketing strategy: what is a marketing strategy? what’s the difference between marketing strategy and business strategy? where does the marketing mix fit in? what is a marketing plan? what information do I need and where do I get it? what should my marketing strategy consist of? how do I get started? What is a marketing strategy? A marketing strategy defines objectives and describes the way you’re going to ... »

Telesales & Telemarketing Training and Development

The Training and Development of Telesales & Telemarketing personnel is a question that all small to medium sized businesses need to address. Well-motivated, well-informed and highly skilled personnel are vital to any business. Effective recruitment is a key ingredient of the recipe, in addition businesses must be aware of and be reactive to shortfalls in knowledge and skill and attitude. How do I know if my business will benefit from training? Answer the following questions Would your like you telesales / telemarketing team to… make more calls? increase their call-to-sale conversion rate? secure more appointments from their calls? build a better, quicker rapport with your prospects/customers? improve their questioning and listening skills? handle your prospects/customers objectio... »

Understanding Your Customers

The DTI drives our ambition of ‘prosperity for all’ by working to create the best environment for business success in the UK. We help people and companies become more productive by promoting enterprise, innovation and creativity. We champion UK business at home and abroad. We invest heavily in world-class science and technology. We protect the rights of working people and consumers. And we stand up for fair and open markets in the UK, Europe and the world. Understanding Your Customers The better you understand your customers, the more responsive you can be to their needs. By looking at the experience of one company, this guide shows how you can gather, interpret and use information about your customers to improve customer service and market your business more effectively. This ... »


Finding, keeping and pleasing customers is the name of the game for small businesses. Over the coming months, we’ll be introducing information and advice on a whole range of guidance to help you to help your customers. When it comes down to dealing with your customers – and especially those who may be unhappy with your products or services or those who have extremely high expectations – be sure that what you promise can be delivered. We’re currently working to bring you more details about consumer rights and consumer affairs. ‘Customers’ business advice article: Crown Copyright © 2002-2013 »

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