From tips on handling cashflow to obtaining government grants and setting up a credit control system; our finance section contains everything you need to know about raising investment and managing your small business money.

Fire in the Home

Fire Safety in the Home – Reducing the Risk Every home is potentially vulnerable to a fire. Even a small fire can cause thousands of pounds of damage and endanger life. Vigilance, common sense and awareness of the possible dangers can greatly reduce the fire risk by following our checklist below you and your family can greatly reduce the risk of fire breaking out. Remember that every day: 200 homes suffer a fire one person dies and 40 people are injured as a result of fire in the home Yet following these common sense steps will greatly reduce you and your family becoming another fire statistic: Fit smoke detectors. Smoke detectors can detect the earliest stages of a fire, so make sure you have at least one fitted on each floor of your home. And make sure they work! Regularly check ba... »

Family Protection

As well as protecting the house and the cars, protecting the family should be high on the agenda when considering risks Such protection can be arranged by setting up suitable insurance or assurance policies. What is insurance? Insurance is concerned with protection against risk (an event that may or may not happen). Insurance policies can be obtained to cover virtually any contingency. General policies cover more common events (eg fire, theft or natural disasters like weather conditions). More specific contingencies need underwriting by specialist insurers. As insurance covers risk, policies are written for a period of time or for an amount of cover. The period may extend for one day or several years, but is usually renewed annually. What is assurance? Assurance is a protection against cer... »

Beat the Burglar

The feeling that someone else has been in your home can live with you for a long time. The advice here will help stop you being the next burglary victim. Doors Outside doors should have deadlocks which at least conform to BS3621. These locks can only be opened by key. A burglar cannot just use a plastic card to push back the tongue of the lock or break a glass panel and reach in to open it. Doors which you usually lock from the inside – for example the back door – should also be fitted with bolts. But locks and bolts are only as strong as the door and the frame to which they are fitted. So check the woodwork and replace it if it is at all weak or rotten. Double doors should have bolts (preferably security bolts with removable keys) at the top and bottom of both doors as well as... »

Bad Weather – Flooding

Question and Answers – Flooding The questions and answers in this section are categorised. Please choose below :- Domestic and Commercial Motor Caravans General Further Information This document is reproduced with the permission of ABI – The Association of British Insurers. »

What Type of Plastic?

If you decide to use a card to buy goods or services use this list to decide which one is best for you. There are hundreds of cards available but most fall into one of these categories. To add further confusion you’ll find that card issuers offer gold, platinum and ordinary cards – these are the same types of cards with different conditions and benefits. Debit cards These take money directly from your bank account, they’re not credit cards but an alternative to cash or writing a cheque. Linked to your bank account, debit cards often also work in cash machines and as a cheque guarantee card. Switch and Visa operate these schemes for the banks. Charge cards If you use a charge card you’ll be sent a bill each month which you usually have to pay in full – so again... »

Top 10 Credit Tips

Using a credit card, instant credit in a shop, catalogue shopping, using a store card – when it comes down to it you’re borrowing money. If you’re going to use credit these ten tips will help you to borrow safely. Prepare yourself Can you afford it? Before you commit yourself make sure you can really afford the repayments – don’t be talked into borrowing more than you want to. Shop around for credit. The first thing you’re offered may not be the best deal. There are many types of credit and numerous rates on bank loans, credit cards, hire purchase agreements and so on. Don’t pay more than you need to. Read the forms before you sign. If you don’t understand them get help from a trading standards office or Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Once yo... »

Credit Card Providers

American Express Bank of Cyprus Bank of Scotland Barclaycard Capital One Citibank Co-operative Bank Direct Line Egg First Direct First Trust Bank Gmcard HSBC Halifax Hamilton Direct Intelligent Finance Lloyds TSB »

Your Money & The Internet

A guide to home banking and Internet shopping – Information for personal and business customers Electronic commerce and new technologies mean that shopping and banking have become 24 hour activities that, with the right equipment, can be carried out from anywhere in the world. This document answers some of your questions about both Internet and PC (personal computer) banking and paying for goods over the Internet, covering functionality, security concerns, payment speed and advice for plastic card users. The ‘Your Money and the Internet’ document is reproduced with the permission of BBA Enterprises Ltd. Copyright of this material remains with BBA Enterprises Ltd. All rights reserved. © BBA Enterprises Ltd 2003-2013 »

Banks Online

With today’s busy lifestyles financial transactions can be conducted via the phone, on your PC and even through interactive TV. Here we have provided a list of the Banks providing online facilities. Abbey National plc Alliance & Leicester Bank of Ireland Bank of Scotland (HBOS) Barclays Bristol & West plc Cahoot Charcolonline Citibank Co-operative Bank, The Egg First Direct Bank HSBC Bank plc Halifax Online Intelligent Finance Lloyds TSB Merrill Lynch HSBC NatWest Bank Newcastle Building Society Norwich & Peterborough Building Society Royal Bank of Scotland plc, The Smile Tesco Online Banking Virgin One Woolwich Open Plan Yorkshire Bank »

Banks, List of

Banks A to H Bank of Ireland Bank of Scotland (HBOS) Barclays Birmingham Midshires (HBOS) Bradford & Bingley Bristol & West plc C Hoare & Co Cahoot Capital One bank Cheltenham & Gloucester Citibank Clydesdale Bank plc Co-operative Bank, The Coutts Direct Line Egg First Direct Bank Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) HSBC Bank plc Halifax »

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