Cameron: Businesses with over 250 Employees Must Publish Average Salaries

Prime minister has announced new measures in an attempt to end the UK’s gender pay gap, calling it “a scandal”

Cameron: Businesses with over 250 Employees Must Publish Average Salaries

Prime minister David Cameron has declared that businesses with over 250 employees will have to reveal data for average female and male salaries – in a new measure to tackle the UK’s gender pay gap.

Cameron made the announcement in The Times, calling the gender pay gap in Britain “a scandal” and highlighting that “overall, a woman still earns just 80p for every £1 earned by a man. That is a scandal.”

The pay gap in the UK is the sixth highest in the EU and poorer than the OECD average, which is made up of 34 countries.

In the article, Cameron said that he hopes the measures will highlight the main inequality offenders and “create the pressure we need for change” – adding that he wanted to see an end to the pay gap for his two daughters.

Cameron wrote; “When my daughters, Nancy and Florence, start work, I want them to look back at the gender pay gap in the same way we look back at women not voting and not working – as something outdated and wrong that we overcame, together.”

CV Library founder and managing director, Lee Biggins, provided a comment on the news:

“It is encouraging to know that something concrete is being done about the gender pay gap as it is long overdue in this rapidly progressing world. Demands for equal pay correspond with the lifestyle trends of the 21st Century, in that both men and women are more proactive and goal orientated within the working world and are consequently settling down later.

“A gender label shouldn’t be a reason for unequal pay as men and women alike have set their aspirations high in an attempt to advance within their industries.”

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