Business Owners Warned They’ll Struggle If They Juggle

A survey finds that employers are neglecting key areas such as product development and customer service by doing admin tasks themselves

Business Owners Warned They’ll Struggle If They Juggle

UK small business owners are warned they’ll experience stunted growth if they continue to take a DIY approach to admin, according to a report by Geniac.

The survey of 514 enterprise owners revealed that 61% of respondents take on admin responsibilities such as accounts, HR and legal issues themselves – rather than delegating to staff or outsourcing.

Those attempting a jack of all trades-style leadership, however, may find their company will suffer as result.

33% of those surveyed admitted they neglect brainstorming new ideas in favour of completing more menial and mundane tasks, while 28% put aside working on new business proposals and products – with 27% even forgoing spending time with their customers.

Despite this, business owners do seem aware of the perils of such an approach with 73% believing they would achieve more growth if less of their time was taken up.

The main barriers preventing enterprise owners from ‘letting go’ include cost (50%) and a lack of suitable staff (35%).

Psychologist Dr Gary Wood, who worked with Geniac on the study, said:

“Our brains work better when we concentrate on one thing at a time. What we think of as multi-tasking is actually the brain flitting between tasks very quickly.

“It’s difficult for your brain to switch into creative mode when you’re worrying about balancing the next spreadsheet or a looming contract deadline.

“So, instead of trying to be an all-rounder, play to your strengths rather than using up energy on the things you’re not so good at.”

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