Business Law and Using a Solicitor

8. Do You Need a Solicitor?

8.1 Start by getting a basic understanding of which laws are likely to affect you.

  • You can talk to a solicitor under the Law Society’s ‘Lawyers For Your Business’ scheme (). The initial free session should help you to understand the basics. You will also get an idea of whether you need any extra legal help, and how much it would cost.
  • Your trade association should be able to give you information relevant to your industry.

8.2 You may need help with a particular task.

For example, to:

  • Set up your new company or partnership, or to advise you on taking up a franchise.
  • Buy, sell or rent premises.
  • Collect debts.
  • Draw up a standard employment contract for your employees.
  • Draw up standard terms of trade, or a specific contract for a major piece of work.
  • Advise you on protecting your rights to new ideas and designs.
  • Act for you in a legal dispute, and if you have to go to court.

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