Business Law and Using a Solicitor

4. Other Contract Terms

4.1 A business can produce ‘terms of trading‘ setting out standard conditions for its contracts.

Common clauses include:

  • Description/specification of the products or services being sold.
  • Details of the price, payment date, payment method and delivery.
  • A guarantee for a limited time period (in addition to the buyer’s statutory rights).
  • A clause giving the seller the right to retain legal ownership of the goods until they have been fully paid for.
  • A clause giving the seller the right to delay delivery, when this is due to circumstances beyond his or her control.
  • Clauses limiting the seller’s liability (but see 4.2).
  • A clause stating that nobody apart from the buyer and seller is to have any rights under the contract.

4.2 You cannot change a consumer’s .

  • Signs which try to deny private consumers’ statutory rights are invalid. Always add ‘This does not affect your statutory rights’ to notices about your terms of trade.

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