Information Security For Business

Why is Information Security Important to Me?

“It won’t happen to me”

Unfortunately it could, as an increasingly large number of companies have found out to their cost. In a recent survey of information security breaches 90% of respondents reported at least one security breach at an average cost of £16,000.

We automatically protect our house and valuables from unauthorised entry, theft and damage.

Your company information deserves the same protection.

Information is an essential resource for all businesses today, it can be the key to business growth and success.

Sharing information is an increasing business activity today. Your information is a key business asset that is very valuable.

Its availability, integrity and confidentiality may be critical for the continued success of your organisation. These can be breached in a number of ways, for example, by theft or computer viruses.

The results of a breach may be far greater than you would expect. Not only may the loss of critical business information directly affect your competitiveness and cashflow, but could damage your reputation and may have a long term detrimental effect.

Of course, information also needs to be protected if you share it with other organisations. Traditionally, most businesses have exchanged paper documents, usually by post. The advent of the fax machine has enabled information to be sent and received more quickly and today we are seeing more and more companies exchanging information by using their computers.

Many businesses are also considering using the Internet. This brings its own security issues.

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