Information Security For Business

What is Information Security?

We all practice elements of information security. At home, for example, we make sure that deeds and insurance documents are kept safely so that they are available when we need them.

Your company information deserves to be treated in the same way.

In business, having the right information at the right time can make the difference between profit and loss, success and failure. Information Security will help you control and secure information from inadvertent or malicious changes and deletions or unauthorised disclosure.

There are three aspects of information security:

Confidentiality: Protecting information from unauthorised disclosure, perhaps to a competitor or to the press.
Integrity: Protecting information from unauthorised modification, and ensuring that information, such as a price list, can be relied upon and is accurate and complete.
Availability: Ensuring information is available when you need it.

Information is held in many forms; some of these are shown below.

What Information Should I Protect?

Information that is:

  • stored on computers
  • transmitted across networks
  • printed out or written on paper
  • sent by fax
  • stored on tapes or disk
  • spoken in conversations (including by telephone)
  • transmitted by telex
  • stored on databases
  • held on films and microfiche
  • presented by overhead projection
  • any other methods used to convey knowledge and ideas

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