Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity – 10 Point Plan

The following ten-point plan is included as a reminder for the business continuity management process. The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) have identified these areas as being key to effective business continuity planning.

Project initiation and management

  • Has a business continuity manager been identified?
  • Have support and sponsorship from senior management been achieved?
  • Has a management structure been established?

Risk evaluation and control

  • Has a risk assessment been undertaken?
  • Have risk reduction measures been identified to mitigate potential losses?

Business impact analysis

  • Have critical business processes been established?
  • Have the impacts of losses been identified?
  • Are interdependencies between departments known?
  • Can prioritisation and time dependencies of business processes be achieved?

Developing business continuity strategies

  • Have all critical processes been identified and recovery timeframes agreed?
  • Has the strategy considered both recovery and risk reduction?
  • Is the strategy appropriate to the business and are critical operating requirements supported?

Emergency response and operations

  • Has a crisis management process been established to respond to incidents?
  • Are all team members aware of their responsibilities?

Developing and implementing business continuity plans

  • Have business continuity plans been developed in support of the strategy?
  • Are these plans owned and managed by the business?

Awareness and training plans

  • Have all staff been made aware of business continuity management and is this promoted as an ongoing initiative?
  • Have recovery teams been trained in their roles and responsibilities?
  • Are IT and other specialist groups aware of their expected response to an incident and can they effectively provide the support required?

Maintaining and exercising business continuity plans

  • Are all business continuity plans and supporting procedures owned by a nominated business or support person?
  • Is plan maintenance undertaken on a regular basis?
  • Has a test strategy been developed with exercises and tests undertaken on a regular basis?
  • Are plans updated to reflect changes in business strategy?

Public relations and crisis coordination

  • Does the crisis management process include internal and external communications, the media and potentially, trauma counselling?
  • Is a process in place to ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed on a “need-to-know” basis?

Co-ordination with public authorities

  • Have local authorities and emergency services been included in the plans?
  • Have procedures and policies been developed to ensure compliance with applicable statutes or regulations?
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