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Business Broadband - Broadband for UK small business

Business Broadband - Broadband for UK small businessUK OnlineIt’s an unfortunate truth that many small businesses continue to be slow to reap the substantial rewards that an effective online presence can bring.

Indeed a huge proportion of small businesses still use unsuitable consumer internet packages.  This is despite the fact that, without breaking the bank, a good business broadband service can offer much faster download speeds, far greater reliability and, crucially, free 24 hour support when things go wrong.

But why is this?  The simple answer is that broadband has never been cheaper and with so many similar sounding broadband packages competing for subscribers; it’s understandable that many small businesses and sole traders are tempted to keep costs downs and select their broadband provider on price alone.

Yet when your business relies on the internet; is it wise to risk cutting corners and web credibility by placing your faith in a service ill equipped to support your needs? 

The Benefits of Business Broadband Explained


Business broadband offers faster download speeds than home broadband.

This is a key factor as web pages become ever heavier with more graphical content and embedded videos.  Yet alarmingly, many home broadband packages offer download speeds as low as 2 Mb; and when multiple people are sharing such a service it can quickly feel like a dial up connection all over again.


Business Broadband - Broadband for UK small businessFree 24/7 Support and Free Anti-Virus Software

Business broadband offers far greater support than home broadband.

In a world where a rivals’ products or services are only a click away, an unreliable internet connection can cost valuable time and money.  That is why it is crucial to find a business broadband provider that understands the needs of small business.

Free 24/7 support and free-antivirus software being the minimum level of support that you should reasonably expect to receive. 

A Low Contention Ratio

Business broadband provides a lower contention ratio than home broadband.

If your business is suffering from slow connection speeds at peak traffic times it is likely that your current contention ratio is too high.  A switch to a business broadband service with a lower contention ratio, where there are fewer users sharing your line, will not only guarantee faster download speeds it will also ensure a more stable connection.


Business broadband provides a free domain name and a static IP address

A domain name allows small businesses the opportunity to create their own content with their own name and this helps build both credibility and market awareness.  Whilst a static IP address allows a user to access their PC anywhere in the world and enables them to run their own email server, web server and private network.

Often overlooked and misunderstood these two benefits are key ingredients in future proofing the online success of any small business.

The Solution – Find The Right Provider


The low down on unbeatable value business broadband

UK Online’s Business Broadband Package was created specifically to help address the needs of small businesses and is committed to providing small businesses with first class service together with a business strength broadband option. 

The Service:

Our extraordinary package is available from £14.99 per month (+VAT) and comes with a free connection for a limited period.

  • 8Mb connection – download a 10Mb file in under 12 seconds
  • Unlimited service with no download limits
  • A low 20:1 contention ratio
  • UK based 24/7 freephone technical support with no premium rate call charge
  • Up to 20 email addresses with domain name, webmail and SPAMfilter
  • Free McAfee Security for 12 months (worth £50)
  • Free connection – SAVE £25 for a limited period

To sign up or to find out more visit:

business broadband view

or call 0800 053 0604.

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