Standing Out: Why You Need Impressive Client Services

Suzanne Yates Alldaypa
Standing out is the best business strategy. That is, when it’s for the right reasons. Clients want to do business with companies that they can establish a good relationship with. Therefore, when they have a project that needs doing, your business is the first that comes to their mind.

Why do you need to keep your clients interested? Well, according to Bain and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can mean a 75% growth in profit. Keeping the clients you have is in many ways just as important for your company as attracting new ones.

Here are a few tips to turn your clients into real advocates of your brand.

Communication is key

Customer services rely on successful communication. People like to be kept updated on their investments so don’t leave it to your clients to contact you. Any time you have a delay in the project that you need to report – or even just some news that will make your clients happy – be sure to give them a call. They’ll appreciate that you have thought about them, especially if you have a lot of clients.

Only make promises you can keep

One of the biggest problems employees in customer services encounter is promising more than can realistically be given. Naturally, you’ll want to please your clients, but promising to achieve what you cannot leaves you accountable for under-performing later down the line. The key is to be both agreeable and effective with the projects you have agreed to. If a client feels that you are giving 100% to the tasks that you can reasonably achieve, you’ll have more leverage to negotiate any projects they suggest that may be too time-consuming or are outside of the services you offer.

Treat the old like the new

As in any relationship, complacency increases exponentially with the length of time that goes on if left unchecked. Treating your old clients like new ones maximises your client retention rate. Call them as frequently as you do your new clients, make the same offers available to them and show them some corporate hospitality every now and again. Having a strong portfolio of satisfied clientele is the best advertisement for future clients. Proving that you’re capable of establishing long-term relationships is one of the key aspects that other clients will be looking for.

Ask for feedback and act on it

Bain and Co.’s study revealed that despite 80% of companies claiming they have superior customer services, only 8% of customers agreed with them. Regular feedback from your clients is necessary to deflate any delusions that your company is performing better than you think it is. The hard truth is that if your clients don’t have an opportunity to tell you where they think you went wrong, you can be sure they’ll tell others inquiring for recommendations. Sure, there will be at least one client that will have a gripe with you for a reason outside of your control, but the vast majority will have genuinely helpful things to say.

Actions speak louder than words

It’s so important that you implement any changes you can from the feedback you get. That way, not only will your other clients benefit from improved services, but clients you have good relationships with will see visible changes in your business. It’s a great reflection of how your company accommodates the needs of its customers, not just the optimisation of profit.

Suzanne Yates writes for alldayPA, a cost-effective telephone answering service for businesses of all sizes.

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