SME Consumer Trends: IT and Telephony

Telecommunications tower - SME Consumer Trends: IT and TelephonySMEs have long struggled to make a way for themselves in the UK business sector and it is now more essential than ever for them to approach business resourcefully in order to ensure success – no less when obtaining effective IT and Telephony services to cater for their developing needs.

Scott Goodwin, CEO of telecomms provider voxclever, proposes that, with this change have emerged trends in the industry, trends by which “scale of demand suggests, are more than just an immediate need for reducing risk and conserving cash, but instead a wider more sustained demand.” Scott identifies how small to mdium business owners, as IT and Telephony consumers, are increasingly:

  1. Buying services on a pay-as-you-go basis
    Opting for more predictable monthly fees has proved popular with SMEs in recent years, attracted by the prospect of only paying for what they use, and need, in uncertain financial times.
  2. Wanting to reduce capital expenditure
    Small to medium businesses are not prepared to commit to spending large sums on tech projects currently, there is overwhelming evidence that SMEs are conserving cash wherever possible.
  3. Implementing solutions to enhance productivity and increase agility
    Smaller companies, are implementing solutions within their business to enable staff to work more effectively from home or remote locations, reducing fixed cost where possible.

Employing his lengthy relationship with the IT and Telephony industry, Scott considers the reasons for the emergence of these trends.

“Firstly, in the current economic climate, both large and small companies are simply, and understandably, wishing to reduce their general overhead. These trends reflect general market uncertainty in the attempt for economic recovery. Additionally, the credit squeeze and decreased access to funding for small businesses has had an effect. These issues and trends consequently drive demand, in voxclever’s sales and experience, toward IT solutions such as hosted telephony services, remote IT support and Cloud based services – the aspirins for the small business’ economic stress headache.”

How can these solutions help?

Business Telephony

Simply being able to make and receive calls isn’t enough anymore, when you can get a phone system that actually adds value to your business – giving you complete flexibility and freedom so that your clients can reach you on their first attempt, through use of business broadband & IP phones.

IT Support

One of the big challenges for SMEs is not always having easy access to ‘that guy or girl from IT’. With remote IT support you don’t have to worry about building your own IT support infrastructure when you can get on-site IT support and a live help desk, to give you the peace of mind that comes with having an expert on call.

Cloud Based Services

There are a range of adaptable hosted services for small and medium sized businesses nowadays, which help to enable SMEs to work more flexibly. They’re easy to scale-up should you need – and you don’t have to outlay precious capital for expensive servers.

Scott Goodwin is the CEO of voxclever.

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