How a Sales Mantra Could Boost Your Business’ Sales

Shortcuts Nicola Cook
Mantras can be used in two ways to improve your business’ sales team’s performance. Firstly, as a daily exercise to re-programme any internal negative dialogue that your Vicky Pollard voice may be saying. Just as you take a shower and clean your teeth every morning to keep your physical body in tip top condition – think of your mantra as a way of keeping your mind clean and positive.

So find a way to build 10-15mins of time into your daily schedule when you can shout your mantra at the top of your voice. Maybe as you drive to work, or spend 10mins in your office with the door closed. Personally, I choose to do mine in the shower every morning, it’s about the only few minutes of uninterrupted, alone time I have every day!

Secondly, you can use a mantra to regain your self-control in an instant if you find yourself in a particularly challenging situation either just before you enter a sales meeting, or following a rejection. The last thing you want to do is carry any negativity into your next sales meeting. Take a few moments, to say your mantra, perhaps in the car or for a few minutes outside in the fresh air, to cleanse yourself of any negative feelings and re-focus your beliefs and internal feelings of confidence.

Get off your backside and move!

The final technique that will flick that magic switch to the ‘ON’ position is simply to ‘get off your backside and move’.

Using your body to change your mood, is not just some mystical theory but has been proven scientifically. When you move your body you change your internal brain chemistry, which in turn affects how you feel.

Think about it, when you feel sad, depressed or lacking in confidence; how do you hold your shoulders? How do you breathe? What angle do you hold your head? How fast do you walk? Whereas when you feel up-beat, happy, confident; how does your body movement differ?

Just like re-programming your internal dialogue, you can change your mood just by moving in the way you wish to feel. It will only take a couple of seconds for your brain to catch up. So if you find yourself walking into a pretty intimidating sales situation and all your confidence deserts you – simply lift your head up, pull your shoulders back, take a deep breath, walk at pace and before you know it the feelings of confidence will return.

Break free from the confines of your comfort zone

When you start to use these belief building techniques you will find it easier to break beyond the confines of your comfort zone.

Breaking beyond your comfort zone is a prerequisite when it comes to becoming a better salesperson. You have to invite challenge in order to keep growing. Remember complacency will kill your sales results. In my experience most sales people can become bored very easily and need to keep challenging themselves, either by taking on more and more demanding customers, expanding their product portfolio, or breaking into new territory.

Therefore, find new ways of challenging yourself professionally, step-up and volunteer when others do not, be open to new ways of learning, accept that you are an ever evolving model that will never be finished (if you do your shelf-life will be short) and that with every failure and rejection comes the opportunity to learn and grow as a result.

From entrepreneur to salesperson

Chris Baxter had a high flying career in corporate industry before he started his own business Genii, a consultancy offering business advice and mentorship. Educated to Master Degree level, he’s not short on knowledge; yet until he worked for himself, he’d never experienced the coal face of selling, having to make appointments, knock on doors and sell himself and his services – the prospect of which was completely overwhelming and totally daunting.

Given a choice, he claims that he would rather have chopped off his right finger than make a sale. Armed with this level of belief it’s not surprising that his first few attempts at selling his services yielded dismal results. He was well beyond his comfort zone and performing badly – not a great combination for creating success.

However, even though he was experiencing massive discomfort, he recognised that he needed to do something radical, otherwise his business was going to fail and fail fast. So he started to take the business of selling seriously and he enrolled in a number of sales training courses, hating every minute of them – particularly the role plays. But as he started to use his new found techniques he found that he started getting different results.  He was in control of the sales process more and more, he was asking better questions and started walking out of the door with sales (sometimes more than he went in for!)

The tipping point came in his 7th month in business, when he closed more sales in that one month than his previous 6 months combined.

This is an extract from The Secrets of Success in Selling by Nicola Cook, published by Pearson. Nicola is MD of sales and leadership consultancy Company Shortcuts.

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