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Evette Orams - Hilton-Baird Financial SolutionsEvette Orams

Managing Director

Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions

About Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions

Established in 1997, Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions is the UK’s leading independent invoice finance broker with experience in sourcing bespoke funding solutions to help SMEs and corporates release working capital and ultimately improve cash flow. Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions specialise in factoring, invoice discounting, but have expertise across the commercial finance sector.

About our business expert, Evette Orams

Evette has an extensive and comprehensive background in the commercial finance sector. Having worked within a broad range of financial operations, Evette has built teams in operations, risk management and sales.

Combining a natural personal rapport with an insightful business understanding, Evette is able to relate to the pressures commonly faced by SME owner-managers to the complex financial challenges faced by major corporate entities.

Evette Orams’ Business Advice Articles

Evette’s Areas of Business Expertise

  • Financial Advice

For more information, contact:

Evette Orams
Managing Director
Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions
Ashwood House
Ashwood Gardens
SO16 7LF

Website: www.hiltonbaird.co.uk
Email: helen.tramaseur@hiltonbaird.co.uk
Twitter: @hiltonbaird

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