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About Naturally Sales Ltd

Naturally Sales helps businesses around the world to succeed through improved sales, leadership, presentation skills and Microsoft Excel.

About our business expert, Neil Shorney

With 15 years of sales experience and 10 years of leadership, training and coaching across diverse industries, Neil is well placed to offer advice to businesses both large and small on how to succeed commercially.

A particular interest of Neil’s is recruiting junior salespeople and helping them to succeed through a combination of formal training, informal coaching and ongoing motivation and development.

Neil is a strong believer in forming long-term business relationships. To do this, it’s vital that customers are treated as potential partners and that a win-win outcome is sought for every business interaction. This is Neil’s ethos as a salesperson, and forms the heart of his company’s training programmes.

He also believes that training should never be undertaken as a box-ticking exercise, and that there should be a strong business benefit to all professional development. Whether Neil is training in sales, presentation skills or business-focused Microsoft Excel, the focus is on how new skills can be adopted in real-life business, whether that’s to improve customer interaction, facilitate effective recruitment, or solve an Excel data problem.

Neil Shorney’s Business Advice Articles

Neil’s Areas of Business Expertise

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing

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