A Fragmented & Dangerous Era is Upon Us

Stephen FearDavid Cameron’s EU speech resonated strongly with many voters who have been calling for a referendum on our membership for many years.

Cameron’s promise that should he win another term, part of the Conservative Manifesto will be the promise of an in/out referendum which will at last clear the air and give a mandate to his government to negotiate the terms contained within our membership contract.

Fragmented markets create many business opportunities which if addressed intelligently can enable exponential profits to be made by savvy investors, but for this to happen we need relative world stability and protection from terrorist threat.  Our respective governments must do this while the business community get on with producing a higher standard of living for us all.

Mini wars are taking place around the Globe even as I write, with no one really sure who has nuclear weapons and who hasn’t. Did Iraq have them? Has Iran got them? These are questions being asked in cities such as New York, London and Paris every day.

Margaret Thatcher once commented that it wasn’t whether the UK should have a nuclear deterrent, but that the very existence of the science made it essential to do so.

We can never be sure that a terrorist won’t grasp control of the nuclear weapons currently managed by a small democracy, or indeed whether a group such as Al Qaeda manage somehow to make their own weapons of mass destruction, nuclear or chemical.

Israel & Iran face each other with growing hostility which at any time could develop into nuclear exchange.

It is for all the reasons above that I believe it is safer for the UK to remain part of the largest democratic union on earth, that of the European Union.

So what opportunities are there for business in this dangerous and fragmented future? Well in my opinion there are many. Most countries and their peoples do not want war or conflict and go about their days seeking ways to improve the lives of themselves and their families.

I see huge opportunities within web-based businesses and the area of food production and clean water will also produce many new millionaires around the World.

Opportunities to sell UK products to China exist because the Chinese love brands and see the UK as a brand in itself. Bentley & Rolls Royce continue to sell record numbers of cars to China and the Far East generally and I don’t see this changing for a long time to come.

Brazil offers another way to expand sales and the commercial department of the Brazilian Embassy in London will offer advice to would-be exporters and importers of Brazilian products.

Food production, Clean Water, Robotics and the Internet are all businesses which will continue to expand and present entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow their own businesses over the next decade.

Not since the 1920s has the World seen such economic turmoil or for that matter the opportunities for business created by it.

About the Author

Stephen Fear, MD and founder of The Fear Group, is a successful, self-made multimillionaire and entrepreneur who runs over 70 companies with his son, Leon Fear. His investments cross multiple sectors, including property, green technology, IT, care homes, hotels and manufacturing. Fear is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at the British Library and also very active in charity work, including being a patron for the organisation Heropreneurs.

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