6 Great Characteristics Every Mumpreneur Should Have

In advance of Mother's Day, Kate Tojeiro looks at the attributes that make entrepreneurial mums so extraordinary

6 Great Characteristics Every Mumpreneur Should Have

Being a mother is one of the most amazing, challenging and creative jobs that anyone can do. Add running a business into the mix and it can be as thrilling as it is hard, especially when you’re trying to keep everyone on the surface looking normal ‘enough’.

In 2015, ‘mumpreneurs’ (business women who also happen to be mums) contributed an impressive £7.2bn to the UK economy.

Ambition, business acumen and the need for flexibility alongside accomplishing one of the most demanding of roles – being a mum – is a potent combination. Mumpreneurs take multi-tasking to its pinnacle and overcome conventions; this ability to juggle multiple priorities pays dividends.

Baroness Karren Brady, Jo Malone MBE, Julie Deane OBE, Victoria Beckham and Chrissie Rucker MBE are all high profile mumpreneurs who have a great ability to make things happen.

If you believe that anything is possible, chances are it is. By honing in on the following characteristics, it’s extraordinary what can be achieved:


Clarity is all about knowing what you want, and being clear on how to get there. Gaining clarity of direction is essential especially when faced with many ideas and challenges.

I often advise clients with big goals and ambitions to break them down into the smallest of steps possible on a daily, weekly, monthly and ultimately annual basis.

It is then so much easier to work through what needs to be tackled, and this readily shows up where you may need to draft in additional expertise and know-how.


There will inevitably be set-backs and obstacles, and being able to power through these is noticeable in mumpreneurs. However it might not be easy; as is often quoted in the Pixar movie Nemo, one really does have to ‘just keep swimming’.


Having a strong belief in what you are doing goes a very long way, and of course from a neuroscience perspective the sub-conscious doesn’t discriminate between fact and fiction.

So, if you believe that we can do something, the brain recognizes this and if we believe that we can’t, the same is also true.

When self-belief is wavering,borrow it from some-one else as there are always people around you that will believe in you.As Oprah Winfrey famously said ‘You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe’.


Being adaptable to make better decisions and judgments goes hand in hand with running a great business.

By analysing when things go well and when they don’t, you will be able to adapt accordingly and regularly. It may sometimes be little adjustments and sometimes quite significant changes to the business, though all aligned to business focus and goals.


Where would the world be without passion? When you love what you do, following your dreams and realising your potential is so much easier especially when the going gets hard.

Running a business takes energy, drive and buckets of determination, though with a bit of passion in the mix it keeps one motivated and inspired.


Great mumpreneurs don’t forget to look after themselves. There will be all-nighters and much hard work, and balancing this with making time for family, friends and hobbies is essential.

Often, cracking ideas will come to you when you are not focused on the business, so maintaining this balance is more important than you might think.

Celebrations should be often; celebrate the little successes as well as the big successes along the journey. These celebrations are a great reminder of your strengths and skills, which might sometimes get overlooked in the day to day meleé of activity, pressures and stresses; both professionally and personally.

The celebration may just be a well-made coffee and a biscuit! Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘Women are like teabags, you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water’.She was bang on there!

Kate Tojeiro is an executive coach at X fusion and author of The Art of Possible – new habits, neuroscience and the power of deliberate action.

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