2013 National Business Awards Winners Share Top Tips for Success

The National Business Awards may be over for this year, but the winners here share their top tips for success with is4profit’s readers.

Dame Helen Alexander –National Business Awards Chair of Judges

British Business is seriously exciting and what you’ve got here is a huge cross-section of all sorts of sizes of companies from all sorts of sectors. Looking at the innovation that they have, the kind of growth they have and the things that they have been doing really makes you feel extremely confident about growth in this country.

Marcus Hill – London Bio Packaging. Winner, The ICAEW Sustainable Business of the Year

The advice I’d give to other business is to have sustainability in your DNA. For it to be not just a fringe thing but at the core of what you do and I think when you do that, that’s when you get the results.

Carole Woodhead – Hermes UK. Winner, The Growth Business of the Year

Work hard, be bold and listen to your customers and praise your people and bring them on hard.

Harriet Green – Thomas Cook. Winner, The Leader of the Year

Pace, pace, pace. You know pace is the killer ap, you can sleep when you are dead. When you are doing big transformations listen to your customer, listen to your people and really make stuff happen at pace.

David Spencer-Percival – Spencer Ogden. Winner, The Smith and Williamson Entrepreneur of the Year.

It’s very, very frightening to set up your own business. There are lots of things you don’t know but what you have to understand is that somebody has done this before so there is nothing that you can’t learn and I think you just have to do it, you know. You have to bite the bullet and make that very scary decision to set up your own business and really focus on it and drive through because it can happen and it can be very, very exciting.

Rob Gerrard – Safetyflex Barriers. Winner, The innovation Award

You shouldn’t give up on the old engineering systems because there is a lot of skill and it does a complete turnaround like fashion it come back into fashion and if you develop it right the skills there are put into the new industries and you are away.

Sinead Croke – DPD UK. Winner, The Customer Focus Award

What we do is we say what’s important to the customer so we give them complete transparency. Keep it simple, do the basics really well.

Giles Kendall – Punch Taverns. Winner, The Blackberry Business Enabler of the Year

Well I think people are the asset that all companies have regardless of what sector they happen to be operating in and if you are looking to support, mentor, coach, encourage and motivate and you double the effort that you are putting in to that you won’t go far wrong.

Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE – MITIE. Winner, The Leadership Diversity Award

The most important piece of advice I could give anybody is take a risk on young people and to follow your dreams.

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